Multiple Choice review by Topic

Buzz Words by Topic

PowerPoint on Key Multiple Choice Word

Big Picture: What to look for by topic:

  1. Early Questions on the Exam
  2. River Valley Questions
  3. Neolithic Revolution
  4. Islam
  5. Buddhism/Hinduism
  6. Legal Codes
  7. Greece and Rome 
  8. Byzantine Empire
  9. Middle Ages/Crusades
  10. The Renaissance
  11. The Reformation
  12. Age of Exploration
  13. Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment
  14. Absolutism
  15. England and Constitutionalism
  16. The French Revolution
  17. Latin American Revolutions
  18. Industrial Revolution
  19. Japan Meiji Restoration/Imperialism
  20. The New Age of Imperialism
  21. WWI Topics
  22. Russian Revolution/Lenin/Stalin
  23. Fascism/Nazism 
  24. WWII
  25. The Cold War
  26. China/India
  27. The Middle East
  28. South Africa
  29. Human Rights/Genocide 
  30. Cross Over Questions at the End of the Exam

Regents Thematic Essay Review:

Here is a powerpoint with every Thematic essay from Jan. 2016 back to Jan. of 2001. It also contains a slide to suggest an organizational strategy for each essay. Scroll through them as attack those that you are sketchy on: Click here:                                          All-in-one Thematic Essay Powerpoint

Global Review: "One Theme" a Day: How they connect to your Thematic Assignment

  1. Essay #1: Belief Systems: Choose Two; Explain Beliefs; Discuss influence (Islam; Judaism; Christianity; Buddhism) #1 on your Thematic Review Sheet.
  2. Essay #2: Change Political Leaders: Choose Two; Describe Change; Describe Action; Discuss Impact (Luther; Napoleon; Gandhi; Mandela) = 
  3. Essay #3: Trade and the Movement of Goods: Two Trade Routes; One Reason for it; Pos/Neg Impact (Silk Road; British East India Company; OPEC)  #3 on Thematic Review Sheet.
  4. Essay #4: Political Change: Desc. Change; Why?; Desc. One Policy; Discuss Extent of Change (Henry VIII; Reign of Terror; Meiji Restoration; Stalin Five Year Plans) = #5 on your Thematic Review Sheet.
  5. Essay #5: Turning Points: Choose Two; Circumstances; Explain Change (Neolithic; Crusades; French Revolution; Israel) #8 on thematic Review Sheet. 
  6. Essay #6 Political Systems: Choose Two: Desc. Characteristics; Discuss how it affected history (Absolute Monarchy; Const. Monarchy; Fascism; Communism) 
  7. Essay #7: Political Change: Choose one Revolution; Exp. Causes; Desc. Effects; Evaluate Changes (French Rev.; Russian Rev; Chinese Rev.; Iranian Rev.) 
  8. Essay #8: Economic Change: Industrialization: Define; Select One Example; Two Examples; Discuss Response (Great Britain; Japan; Russia)
  9. Essay #9: Conflict: Threatening Peace: ID a conflict; One Cause; Two Groups; Viewpoints; Was it resolved? (Crusades; WWI; Apartheid; Rwanda)
  10. Essay #10: Change: Philosophers/Leaders: Choose Two; Exp. Major Belief; Discuss Change as a result; (Locke; Bismarck; Lenin; Gandhi)  = #3 on your Thematic Review Sheet.
  11. Essay #11: Justice and Human Rights: Choose Two groups; Desc. Circumstance leading to Rights Violation; Desc. Example of a violation; Discuss how it was resolved (Ukrainians/Stalin; Jews/WWII; CambodiansPol Pot; Blacks/Apartheid) #9 on Thematic Review Sheet.    
  12. Essay #12: Geography: Two Changes made by Man; Id. Society; Desc. How it was changed; Discuss how (Irrigation; terrace Farming; fossil fuels) 
  13. Essay #13: Political Events 20th Century: ID two events; Discuss Circumstances; Evaluate pos/neg impact (Lenin; Hitler; Mao's Revolution; Berlin Wall; Mandela) #4 on your Thematic Review Sheet. 
  14. Essay #14: Change - Non Political Revolutions: ID two; Desc. one change; Discuss impact (Neolithic; Scientific; Enlightenment; Industrial)
  15. Essay #15: Geography/Global Problems. Two Problems; Describe one Cause; Discuss the Effect (Pollution; Deforestation' Overpopulation) Essay #4 on your review sheet.
  16. Essay # 16: Economic Systems: Choose one.and One Society; Discuss Hist. Circumstances; Describe two features; Evaluate Impact (Middle Ages; Industrial Rev; Soviet Union bet. 1917 - 1990) essay #6 on Thematic Review Sheet
  17. Geography: Influenced Nations/Regions  Choose two nations/regions; ID two factors for each; Exp. how each factor influenced hist. development. (Deserts; River Valleys; Oil; Middle East; Natural Resources Island Location Great Britain/Japan) #10 on Thematic Review Sheet
  18. Science/Technology: Advances; ID. Two advances; Exp. the relationship between Science/Technology and advances in history; Analyze how they changed history.  

Thematic Essay Resources:

  1. Essentials of the Thematic Essay PowerPoint

  2. Regents Thematic Essay: PowerPoint: Cracking the Essay

  3. Great all-in-one Review Sheet for Thematic Essays

  4. How to breakdown the Thematic Task

  5. "PERSIA" for Global

  6. Regents Thematic Essay Rubric 2014

  7. Formatting the Thematic Essay

  8. Thematic Intro Format

  9. Regents Thematic Essay Format

  10. Regents Thematic Essay: Key Trigger Words

  11. Thematic Essay "I" Chart

  12. Thematic Essay Introduction Example

  13. How do I write a Thematic Paragraph?

  14. The Cheeseburger Paragraph



Global DBQ Regents Review

  1. Topic: Belief Systems (Islam; Christianity; Buddhism)

  2. Topic: Conquest and Change (Mongols; Spanish; French)

  3. Topic: Economic and Social Change ( Middle Ages; Industrial Revolution; Globalization)

  4. Topic: Economic Systems and their Impact (Manorialism; Mercantilism; Communism)

  5. Topic: Geographic features and their Impact (Deserts; Monsoons; Cold Climates) 

  6. Topic: DBQ: Imperialism - Point of View (British; Africans; India)

  7. Topic: Key Events that Were Turning Points (Bubonic Plague; Treaty of Nanjing; Arch Duke Ferdinand Assassinated)    

  8. Topic: Key Ideas and their Impact (Heliocentrism; Natural Rights; Communism)

  9. Topic: Key Products and their Impact (Salt; Sugar; Cotton)

  10. Topic: Key Leaders and their Impact (Peter the Great; Adolph Hitler; Mao Zedong)

  11. Topic: Natural Resources and Pos/Neg impact (Water; Coal; Oil; Diamonds) 

  12. Topic: Reasons for War and Outcomes (Economic; Social; Political) 

What do I do with the above DBQ's?

  • Read the Historical Context and the Task
  • Decide what the key trigger words are, and be sure you know what to do for each of your document choices
  • Set up your DBQ "I"chart; Bullet your Intro; Set up your sides; include your trigger words; place your documents in the order you will use them.
  • Write a full intro + One body paragraph
  • Be sure to use the phrases I have given you as you introduce your documents in the body paragraph, and include information from the document.

 Use the resources below to help you with the DBQ:

Resources for Constructing the DBQ:

  1. PowerPoint: How to Crack the DBQ
  2. How to construct a DBQ Intro
  3. DBQ Scoring Rubric
  4. How to introduce Documents in your body paragraph 
  5. The DBQ "I" Chart




Global Regents Review: for First Semester Final Exam:


  1. The Renaissance  - Humanism; Great Works of Art: The Renaissance (Multiple Choice); Renaissance/Reformation (Review Sheets); The Renaissance (Video)

  2. The Reformation - Luther; Calvin; Henry VIII; Counter Reformation: The Reformation (Multiple Choice): Renaissance/Reformation (Review Sheets)

  3. Age of Exploration - Exploration; Spanish Conquest; Columbian Exchange: New World Colonization: Spain/Portugal (Multiple Choice); Age of Exploration (Review Sheets); The Columbian Exchange (Video) Spain; Gold Silver and Trade (Video) 

  4. Absolutism - Louis XIV; Peter the Great: Absolutism (Multiple Choice)

  5. Constitutionalism - Magna Carta; England's Civil War; Glorious Revolution; Bill of Rights: English Civil War ;  English Constitutionalism (Multiple Choice)

  6. The Scientific Revolution - Geocentric vs. Heliocentric; Copernicius - Newton; Scientific Method. Multiple Choice

  7. The Enlightenment - Locke; Voltaire; Rousseau; Montesquieu; The Age of Reason: The Enlightenment (Multiple Choice)

  8. The French Revolution - Long/Short Term Causes; 1789; Reign of Terror; Napoleon's Rise and Fall: French Revolution (Multiple Choice); French Revolution Review Sheets; Napoleon/Latin American Revolutions (Review Sheets); The French Revolution (Video) The Haitian Revolution (Video)

  9. The Industrial Revolution - Causes; Urbanization; Labor Exploitation; Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions (Review Sheets) The Industrial Revolution (Video) Capitalism and Socialism (Video)  

  10. Congress of Vienna - Balance of Power; Conservatism  

  11. Latin American Revolutions - Creoles; Simon Bolivar: Latin American Revolutions (Multiple Choice); Napoleon/Latin American Revolutions (Review Sheets)

  12. German and Italian Unification - Bismarck; Realpolitik; Cavour

Ages of History: Links, Documents and PowerPoints

  1. The Renaissance  - Humanism; Great Works of Art

  2. The Reformation - Luther; Calvin; Henry VIII; Counter Reformation

  3. Age of Exploration - Exploration; Spanish Conquest; Columbian Exchange

  4. Absolutism - Louis XIV; Peter the Great

  5. Constitutionalism - Magna Carta; England's Civil War; Glorious Revolution; Bill of Rights

  6. The Scientific Revolution - Geocentric vs. Heliocentric; Copernicius - Newton; Scientific Method.

  7. The Enlightenment - Locke; Voltaire; Rousseau; Montesquieu; The Age of Reason

  8. The French Revolution - Long/Short Term Causes; 1789; Reign of Terror; Napleon's rise and fall

    1. Robespierre Document

    2. Newspaper Template

  9. The Industrial Revolution - Causes; Urbanization; Labor Exploitation

  10. Congress of Vienna - Balance of Power; Conservatism  

  11. Latin American Revolutions - Creoles; Simon Bolivar

  12. German and Italian Unification - Bismarck; Realpolitik; Cavour

  13. WWI - Long/Short Term Causes;The Balkans; Total War

  14. Global Nationalism - India; China

  15. Rise of Fascism - Mussolini; Hitler; Europe between the Wars

  16. WWII - Allies/Axis Powers; Holocaust

  17. The Cold War - US/USSR;

  18. The Middle East - Arab/Israeli Conflict; PLO; Intifada

  19. Genocide/Human Rights - Holocaust; Cambodia; The Balkans; Rwanda

Regents Exams for Review:

  1. January 2001

  2. January 2002

  3. January 2003

  4. January 2004

  5. January 2005

  6. January 2006

  7. January 2007

  8. January 2008

  9. January 2009

  10. January 2010

  11. January 2011

  12. January 2012 

  13. January 2013 

  14. August 2011 

  15. August 2006

Multiple Choice Practice Questions

  1. Ancient History

  2. Ancient Civilizations Mesopotamia

  3. Ancient History Comparing Civilizations

  4. China/India 

  5. Greece/Rome

  6. Hinduism/Buddhism

  7. Judaism Christianity Islam

  8. India/China Empires

  9. Byzantine Empire

  10. Spread of Islam

  11. Medieval Europe

  12. Medieval Church 

  13. The Crusades

  14. Early Japan

  15. Mongolia

  16. Global Trade

  17. The Plague

  18. The Renaissance

  19. The Reformation

  20. Meso-America

  21. African Civilizations before European Slavery

  22. New World Colonization: Spain/Portugal

  23. Absolutism

  24. English Civil War

  25. English Constitutionalism

  26. The Enlightenment

  27. French Revolution

  28. Latin American Revolutions

  29. Industrial Revolution


Global DBQ Review

  1. Regents DBQ Item Analysis: Big List of DBQ's and their subject matter

  2. Regents DBQ Graphic Organizer

  3. Regents DBQ General Directions

  4. Regents DBQ Introduction

  5. Regents DBQ Essay Organizer

  6. Regents DBQ Introduction Options

  7. Regents DBQ Scoring Sheet

  8. Regents DBQ Essay Organizer 2

  9. Regents DBQ Analysis

Great Review Sheets by Major Topic, courtesy of a former FDA teacher, Mrs. Natalie Eslyn

  1. Ancient Civilizations

  2. Classical Civilizations

  3. Five Great Religions

  4. Byzantine/Islam/Medieval

  5. Renaissance/Reformation

  6. Age of Exploration

  7. French Revolution

  8. Napoleon/Latin American Revolutions

  9. Agrarian and Industrial Revolutions

  10. Age of Imperialism

  11. World War I

  12. Totalitarianism/WWII

Khan Academy Videos: A Crash Course in World History:

  1. The Neolithic/Agricultural Revolution

  2. The Indus Valley (River Valley Civilizations: India

  3. Ancient Mesopotamia

  4. Ancient Egypt

  5. Greeks and Persians

  6. Hinduism and Buddhism  

  7. China: Mandate of Heaven

  8. Alexander the Great: Hellenistic Age

  9. The Silk Road: Trade

  10. The Roman Republic/Empire

  11. Christianity/Byzantine Empire

  12. Fall of Rome/Medieval Europe

  13. Islam: Empire

  14. The Dark Ages?

  15. The Crusades

  16. African Kingdoms/Islam

  17. The Mongols

  18. Trade: Indian Ocean/Africa

  19. Italian City States, Trade and Islam  

  20. Columbus/Zeng He: Explorers in the 1400's

  21. The Renaissance

  22. The Columbian Exchange

  23. The Atlantic Slave Trade

  24. Spain; Gold Silver and Trade

  25. The French Revolution

  26. The Haitian Revolution

  27. Latin American Revolution

  28. The Industrial Revolution

  29. Capitalism and Socialism

  30. Japan: from Tokugawa Shogunate to Meiji Revolution

  31. 19th Century Imperialism

  32. WWI: Causes, and Impact

  33. China: Nationalism to Communism

  34. WWII

  35. The Cold War

  36. Decolonization after WWII: Global Nationalism

Regents Thematics Connected with Extra Credit Assignment:

Belief Systems: 2008 June

Individuals/Change/Non-Political: June 2010

Political Leaders/Change: August 2005 

Global Problems: June 2005 

Political Events/Change: January 2005 

Economic Systems: August 2004

Geography/Impact/Society: August 2003

Turning Points: June 2004

Conflicts: June 2006

Geography Influence: January 2009 

Science/Tech: June 2011 

Movement/People/Trade: August 2006

Great Regents Review PowerPoint

HOW TO CONSTRUCT A Regents Thematic Essay